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About us

At Gallo 8 Gym we are passionate about Fitness & Health, therefore we have created a top of the line facility which boasts the latest in progressive resistance, cardio-vascular conditioning, circuit training and free weight equipment.

Gallo 8 Gym is all about training, making it a part of your daily lifestyle, as well as creating and maintaining an optimistic state of mind. Strength training, functional training and group training classes are what people want and what this Miami gym delivers.

Gallo 8 Gym offers the ultimate resources to help you achieve your fitness goals. In addition to a full array of cardio and strength training equipment, the Miami gym offers a variety of group fitness classes taught by South Florida’s most elite instructors. Members focus on achieving long- term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.

Personal Training

Personal Training is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be!

When it comes to personal training one size does not fit all, this is why we have searched extensively to recruit Miami’s best personal trainers.

Each of our experienced personal trainers in Gallo 8 Gym has their specific area of expertise – whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improving cardio vascular endurance, training for a specific sport/event or Pre and Post Natal Exercise - we have a expert personal trainers who can help.

Our team of personal trainers regularly attend; workshops, seminars, and conventions, for continued education to ensure they are using the latest techniques and ideas to bring about real results, in a safe and effective way.


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Day Pass: $5

We have specials for couples & groups of 4 or more.

Membership Only
$100 Membership Fee ($20 x month)

Note: Membership does not expire unless the member stops coming for more than 3 consecutive months.
Membership cannot be transferred.

Gym Hours

Monday - Thursday:
6 am - 10 pm

6 am - 9 pm

10 am - 3 pm


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